„Only a person in touch with their body knows where they can take it.“

For over 30 years I’ve been studying a wide variety of training and healing principles and have been able to develop effective methods to achieve an optimally functioning body and mind.

The mastering of body control in connection with spiritual vitality inspired me to venture abroad. On my travels round the world I’ve gained new experiences which have allowed me to bring together diverse training and healing approaches and adapt them to the body’s current condition.

I look after my clients to the highest standards, concentrating on energy regulation between the physical and mental levels. I specialize in holistic and functional training and also incorporate mental regulation therapy into my sessions. I focus on balancing muscular and organic energy imbalances and work to regulate tensions within the body with the aim of improving quality of life. As a presenter and teacher it is my great pleasure to be able to pass on my knowledge to the world.


  • Healthaccademy - NEW Concept "burn - OUT" / "CoreCellMemory"
  • BODYART School München - NEW Concept "BODYART ENERGY"
  • Riot Police, East Germany - Health Managerment - Mobillity Yoga and Breath Meditation
  • German National Athletic Team – preperation European Championship Berlin 2018
  • Cindy Roleder – European Champion 100 m Hurdle 2017
  • Immoscoring Leipzig -Die Nr.1 bei Immobilieninvestment Yoga, Meditation, Coaching
  • Olympic Team 110m Hurdler London 2012/ Rio de Janeiro 2016
  • Soccer Team Galatasaray Istanbul - Aykut Ercetin
  • Olympic Center Berlin –  Medicine Seminars
  • Specialist and Creator for Robinson Club Events
  • ESTEL europe - conception and leading " regulative meridian headmassage"
  • Yvonne Fischer – Leiter Service and Education / ESTELL Europe
  • German Post AG


  • Leadership Healthaccademy
  • New concept - CoreCellMemory / Burn - OUT Prevention Workshop
  • Founder of organic yoga
  • Faszial cephalic jaw regulation
  • Organic energetic reading
  • International Presenter, Master Trainer and Educater of BODYART School
  • International BODYART Elite Instructor
  • Breath & Mental Coach
  • Dipl. Trainer of Sports Rehabilitation (University Bayreuth)
  • Dipl. Fitness Master Trainer (University Bayreuth)
  • International Pilates Instructor
  • Dipl. Nutritionist